I’m shopping at D’agastino’s on Valentine’s evening???? Help!!!

It’s 7pm and I’m not at the most expensive restaurant eating dinner and drinking my favorite champagne in New York.

I’m not clubbing in the hottest club.

I don’t have the reddest rose or the most amazing man laughing at my jokes across from me.

I’m by myself, shopping at the Safeway supermarket alone on a very sobering Valentine’s day. I am walking up and down the aisles trying to pass time so I don’t have to go home to my small box sized apartment in the lower east side.

What does being alone on Valentine’s day say about me? What are people thinking about me when they pass me by in the aisle? Am I a looser?

Why didn’t anyone ask me out tonight? I mean, I’m beautiful, funny, charismatic and employed, so what’s the deal?

Let’s do the math here:

I’m alone on Valentine’s evening, shopping at Safeway alone,  talking to myself in the aisle while pretending to shop for a recipe on my Martha Stewart app on my iPhone.  I’m wearing my “sexy” (or from what the label tells me)  GAP pajamas with UGG boots and my hair is still in the bun that I slept in the night before. Hmm….

I just passed a short hispanic man next to the gluten-free items and he winked at me drawing me out of my reality check.  I smiled back at him like it was George Clooney looking at me on my way into the bathroom at Mr. Chow’s (which did happen to me, I swear)!

As I approached the register, I realized, it’s not me, it’s them. I am over qualified! I am just too good for them.  They want the young, dumb gals that laugh at their jokes and drink their $1,000 bottles of Vodka at the Avenue in NYC. Do I sound bitter, no…..

I did end up getting the Hispanic 18 year’s old’s phone number though, he slipped it to me when I dropped my peanut M & M’s on the floor. Yes, I was binging.

I look forward to the next Valentine’s day, I hope I am not shopping at Target!

Ms. desperately needing a box of chocolates….2004

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