Five little pills went into NYC

Does this sound like something your Mom used to say to you at night in Bed when she was grabbing your toes?

“This little pill went to loft party.”

“This little pill stayed in bed with my boyfriend”

“This little pill ended up with all girls”

“This little pill had none”

“And this little pill went eating more pills all the way to the after hours.”

Hmmm….Funny? I think NOT!  The rhyme has been changed to suit my next story, but I wanted to get your laugh and attention. 🙂

There were 5 little pills sitting around on a nightstand waiting for the 5 girlies to come home after happy hour on a hot summer night in the upper east side.

So, Sarah, Sammy, Porsche, Ingrid and Polly made it home after tons of cheap cocktails and put on their super cute clothes from Club Monaco (the clothes were cooler 10 years ago) and looked like  members of Cirque Du Soliel.  The  Club Monaco style was very euro circus performer, but better for us downtown girls, we would get all the hotties  when the Circus acts showed up trying to cut into our bar lines!

First Stop for the first little pill, Sarah:

Sarah, popped her pill and said, “Oh my god girls, there is amazing loft party that I have to crash. So this guy who just launched this drink and it has like vitamins in it, is supposed to be single and hot! I am going to claw my way in…..Later!”

Second Stop for the second little pill, Porsche:

Porsche popped her pill and said, “Why is Sarah alway’s leaving us, what a bitch!” “I am calling my fist Guido pumping white tight tank top honey! “It’s Saturday, so the Bridge & Tunnel crowd should be here by 9:30pm. I’m just gonna chill with Vinny until 5am and then head to Crow Bar to listen to the master mix! Later Chicas!”

Third Stop for the third little pill, Sammy:

Sammy popped her pill and said, “Ugh, you girls suck. Why can’t you be normal? I am going to the Cat’s Meow to find me a cute little woman. Men are so fucking boring . See you back at the crash bad, don’t leave the kitty door open for me.

Fourth Stop for the fourth little pill, Ingrid: 

Ingrid popped her pill while she was shopping for clothes and said, “I’m going out on the town by myself to find trouble. This pill should hit soon I hope. I took it two hours ago and haven’t felt a thing!”

Ingrid grinds this statement out of her mouth walking down the street, “Hey guys want to party?”

“No, are you a prostitute?? The twin brothers from Queens responded.

“No,” screams Ingrid “I am on “ex”!

Looks like Ingrid got the bad apple in the group of pills. It turned out she had pure speed in hers that told her mind to send her down to the meat-packing district talking real fast to italians coming out of Ray’s Pizza and to ask them if they wanted to party all night.

LOL!! Poor Ingrid!

Fifth Stop for the fifth little pill, Polly

Polly popped her two pills or as they say in New York, “2 in the chute!”

Polly heard two pills are  better than one. Probably not the best idea. Polly did not get home from a Brooklyn afterhours until 48 hours later. She made  A LOT of friends, but no one she could introduce to the family.

The five little pills were never to be seen again —— UNTIL NEXT WEEKEND!

Ms. Pilly Wiggle 2003


Miss NYanonymous, 2011 | Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Miss NYanonymous with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


6 thoughts on “Five little pills went into NYC

  1. Thanks so much Susannah! It is a new year and I am inspired to write! I have so many to share, can’t wait. The next post is, Finding a husband in NY can be hard, so why not find one at Burning Man??

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