Welcome friends!

Welcome to Miss Nyanonymous

This blog is dedicated to my friends (whom will all remain anonymous) that I lived with in Manhattan many years ago. We were a crazy bunch in our mid to late 20’s and still going strong in our 30’s.  New York Anonymous is a memoir (some stories are slightly embellished because all women are overly dramatic) of our funny, sad, bizarre, weird, strange and most memorable dating moments in the Big Apple that have never been told until now. All the names have been changed, to protect the guilty 🙂 So grab a glass a wine and curl up with your laptop and prepare to be entertained! Laughs are allowed and welcomed. — Miss  NYanonymous


9 thoughts on “Welcome friends!

    gentle, sweet, and writing that’s tart ‘n spicy. combo of intrigue…

    hello from Diane Albertina (Brandt) at gnf@eartthlink.net

    somehow you appeared on my twitter page.
    I’m not going to follow you on twitter as my time there is limited.
    However, I shall enjoy following your words on this website
    (i’ve just registered to receive email updates)

    my NYC-born-and-bred hubby, George, just had his webpage
    begin at
    abut how to enjoy wine at home (not how to make it at home!)
    and we are very impressed you you “young people” are zipped up
    into the new tech stuff! congratulations on this your wordpress page.
    UCLA is now using wordpress blogs to conduct their literature classes!
    what a country! ALSO I caught the wording you had about curling up
    cozy with a glass of wine to relax and read/write your blog… caught my attention…

    so, hello, and thank you for the welcome.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR and best wishes for all of your projects.

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